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Commercial Aviation

At Bristol Associates, we have extensive experience working within commercial aviation. We have built strong relationships and completed aircraft transactions on six continents. We are passionate about commercial aviation and have acquired expertise in the acquisition and disposition of aircraft in every corner of the globe.

Furthermore, our team has a comprehensive understanding of and are sensitive to the particular constraints which exist in various regions. Whether these are regulatory, legal, political, operating or currency related concerns, we utilize our thorough understanding to help our clients navigate the ever-changing and fast paced aviation environment, and we believe the caliber of our services remain unmatched in our field.

In addition to helping our clients source and dispose of aircraft, we can offer you advice on risk assessments, technical oversight, valuations, and funding sourcing, as well as a range of other commercial aviation services and advice.

If you are looking for unparalleled expertise as well as a global understanding of the commercial aviation field, do not hesitate to contact Bristol Associates. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the best possible advice, freeing up their resources by allowing them to outsource administrative, oversight and negotiation tasks over to us. We are proactive and we never compromise on our commitment to client service and satisfaction.

  • Bristol has been successfully offering aircraft and disposition services since 1981
  • Strictly a service business – we have no conflict with owned or managed aircraft
  • Reputation for integrity and professionalism
  • Our team is experienced in integrating fleet planning, technical, legal, regulatory, and financial considerations into successful outcomes for our clients
  • Highly experienced in distressed aircraft management and representing the interests of multiple industry stakeholders during airline bankruptcies and restructurings
  • Thorough understanding of leading-edge financial products and a sensitivity to technical and documentation considerations affecting asset values
  • Selective about projects undertaken
  • High degree of focus on each individual project
  • Involvement in ALL aspects of acquisition and disposition process: i.e.: market price determination, delivery, repossession, issues, redelivery, storage, maintenance, documentation, etc.

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